Amber resin cat Work from Mexico

Miscellaneous art produced 9/2005 - 1/2006 in San Miguel de Allende

Resin Kneeling Figure
cast from original soap carving,
Fall, 2005

Bronze striding figure on base with red door
Striding Woman
Bronze from clay using lost wax process, my second ever bronze piece, 11/2005 at Instituto de Allende, Mexico

Striding Figure in Resin
Painted resin. By creating a silicon cast of my wax, originally for bronze, I made two resin positives before destroying the cast. This required many extra hours to repair and detail the wax for use in the bronze pour! 1/2006, Mexico

Burning City #1,
Acrylic on board, 2005

Photo of painting
Burning City #2
Acrylic on board, 2005
Abstracted painting of city, desert
City & Desert,
Acrylic on canvas,1/2006, Mexico
Painting with 3-d figures attached
Tres Reyes, Acrylic on canvas,1/2006, Mexico
Striding figure as a rainbow goddess
Rainbow Goddess, Acrylic on canvas,12/2005
Night Goddess digital collageAnother striding figure digital work in warm brown to gray w/palm trees