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Prints in this album rely on either poly-lithography or photo etching. Both processes are relatively new, and rely on modern materials. Poly-lithography is process modeled on traditional lithography but the use of a very different plate material, a thin flexible polyester plate, it supports some very different image options. While the artist may still draw directly on the plate as is done in traditional lithography, another option is to print images onto the plate using a laser copier or printer. The plate must be inked wet, & is generally printed on an etching press. Photo-etching is also a twist on the original etching process: a light sensitive emulsion is applied, exposed with one or more images on transparencies, then chemically etched. The plate is more fragile than an etched copper plate. It is inked, wiped & printed in the same manner as other etched plates. The image transparencies can be created by printing digital images, or they can be hand drawn.

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