Much of my work IS mixed media, but these works are really really mixed media, and would not be feasible otherwise! Some pieces incorporate digital resizing or transformation, printed and layered with other media. Some art 2-D some 3-D, and some are best left virtual/digital!
Odds and ...

Odds and ...

May 22, 2020
These are oddities generally created for a...



May 22, 2020
Combining art with craft to make something...

Draped Worker Dual Panel matte medium left
Figures together with moons
Bones diagonally scroll collage II
Tree Trunks with Leaves
Green Fantasy Heron
Set of three variations
Night Growth with Heron
Two Hearts reflected
New in house window
Three wings Revisited
Trees against window D4
Dragonfly D2
Sweeping Feathers Installed 2
Green face w leaves
Stress patterns mirror 3
Not My Words I D7
Not My Words II D3
Circular View on Life I aka Through the Microscope
Thread Poem on cracked sidewalk
Fall Cleaning Sweeping with Leaves
Brown Graphite Cells D5 framed