Works in graphite and/or colored pencil, pastels, watercolor, ink, and some acrylic. I often enhance a pencil drawing with water soluble graphite, or a subtle touch of color. I rarely complete a painting without drawing too. I may use watercolor pencil or soluble graphite. I reach for whatever is at hand that should do the job!
Sketch Gallery

Sketch Gallery

Jul 14, 2020

Painted Eggs

Painted Eggs

May 22, 2020
These are duck, chicken & pheasant eggs,...

Enter the Whirlwind & Angel d4
Branches D4
Alice & Cheshire Cat contrast
Mental Map Lines D4
Warm pallette abstract D2
Stylized Trees mounted clean
Eggs on Black
Red on Black 8x10 D4
All the Women D4 scan
Head Web II scan
Some of the Women I final scan
Acrylic Abstract C on black D8
Three angels II down one
Face of Graphite D2
Dancer from Stencil D5
Full Face II D6